“So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”

– Jorge Luis Borges (via maxkirin)

“There are accepted revolutions, revolutions which are called revolutions; there are refused revolutions, which are called riots.”

– Les Miserables Volume 5, Book 1, Chapter 20 (via rrosejonathanselavy)


“If they respect you, respect them. If they disrespect you, still respect them. Do not allow the actions of others to decrease your good manners, because you represent yourself, not others.”

– (via quoteessential)

“My favorite part of the day is when I first wake up because for those five seconds, I don’t remember a thing. Then life hits me.”

– (via sadistanggirlfriend)

“The ground we stand on looks solid enough, but if something happens it can drop right out from under you.”

– Haruki Murakami, After Dark (via introspectivepoet)

“It seemed to me that this world has a serious shortage of both logic and kindness.”

– Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 (via introspectivepoet)


“Never lose your temper in the middle of a door sign”The Doctor


“Never lose your temper in the middle of a door sign”
The Doctor

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